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The Riihitie House

One of the highlights of my trip to Finland was my visite to The Riihitie House in Helsinki, where architect Alvar Aalto worked and lived with his family. There is one downside: the admission fee is slightly high. But, in return you get a guided tour in small groups and you can take all the pictures you want.

I love to walk around in houses once inhabited by famous people. Especially when the atmosphere is so authentic like in the Riihitie House. Not only you can take a look in almost all the rooms of the house; the guide also tells unique personal stories. For example the funny story of the little door and the stair: Turns out this was the escape for the renowned architect when unwanted guests came along.

So, if you’re interested in architecture and design, and you’re willing to pay the high admission fee, this is definitely a must-see when you’re in Helsinki. Please check the opening hours on the website in advance, because you can’t walk in there whenever you want.

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Riihitie House

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