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Picnic recipe: a new discovery


To have a blog called The Picnic Guest, with a terrible lack of picnic recipes, that’s a bit sad isn’t it? Especially for a self-declared picnic lover like me.
So let’s do it: every week a picnic recipe. A recipe that’s easy to make and easy to eat on the go. To support my own healthy resolutions and for the people that get stranded here by asking Google for picnic recipes.
I’m really, really fond of salmon, prepared in every possible way (except in a tin). I even feel sometimes responsible for the overfishing of it. So by trying to look for alternatives I ended up with a pack of smoked trout in my fridge. As the expiring date was getting closer I had to use it somewhere, somehow…
Trout is a mildly fat fish. That’s not bad, not bad at all, but it can be better. So I searched for extra ingredients with a lot of healthy components: antioxidants, omega 3/6/9 and all that shizzle. As my newest discovery & addiction: wheat germ! It doesn’t sound good, but it is, both in flavour and nutritional qualities. Since I worked on a television show about breakfast in all its varieties, I have an eye for all things healthy. So when I spotted the brown packing in a local store I was immediately intrigued. The description is full of dazzling words like vitamins, proteins, minerals and vital energy. At home I looked it up on the interwebs and was reassured that my favorite doctor, Dr. Oz, and his colleagues confirmed the promotional chitchat.

Wheat germ has a subtle sweet taste and you can use it on almost everything (without heating it): smoothies, yoghurt, pasta, rice, soup and… this salad!



Ok, a confession: I’m really bad at quantities. For a salad, I just toss things together in a bowl and almost never weigh anything. The most important thing for me is that I have a good balance in flavours and textures. You can easily keep this salad fresh overnight in the fridge, so a leftover is not a big problem. The trout for example was 125gr for one person, but that was a little too much.

–           Smoked Trout

–           Green celery

–           Spring onions

–           Cherry tomatoes

–           Daikon sprouts

–           Rocket salad

–           Radicchio

–           Linseed

–           Sesame seed

–           Wheat germ

Preparation method: Mix everything in a bowl, add lots of freshly ground black pepper and a little bit of salt. Olive oil and lemon can accompany this heavenly mixture right before serving.

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